Packing Supplies

Your valuables need more protection than boxes salvaged from behind a grocery store. Aladdin sells only well-constructed boxes and tape. Cheap boxes and materials break down quickly and won’t protect your items like you need. We also sell high-security cylinder locks that won’t rust and are next to impossible for someone to break away.

Other self-storage facilities are content to just rent a unit to you and let things sit disorganized. But Aladdin can offer you boxes, tape, bubble wrap, mattress and furniture covers. In addition, we can help design and build shelving solutions to what you need. Finally, we have push carts ready for you to use so you can move your items easily as you keep them organized.

U-Haul Trucks Available
Let Us Help You

Let the storage smart team at Aladdin prepare your supplies and have them waiting when you arrive. Call us today to place your order and we will have your order ready for you when you arrive.

Medium box $2.00
Packing tape $3.00
Mailing tape $1.99
Large box $2.50
Tie-down rope $2.99
Full-size mattress bag $5.00
Sofa cover $4.00
Queen mattress bag $5.00
Sure-grip gloves $1.99
Twin mattress bag $5.00
King mattress bag $6
LED button worklight $6.00
Three rolls of packing tape $8.00
Cylinder locks $10.00
Ratchet tie-down $10.00
Grand Wardrobe Box $12.95
Extra-large box $3.00
10 lb of Wrapping Paper $11.95
Boxes image

U-Haul Boxes

  • Small: Great for books and well-wrapped fragile items.
  • Medium: Ideal for small appliances, kitchen utensils, photo albums, shoes, toys and tools.
  • Large: Good for pots and pans, larger toys, linens, blankets, tools and clothing.
  • Dishbarrel: Made for glassware, dishes, china, lamps and bedding.
  • Wardrobe: Perfect for clothing stored in closets, bedding and pillows.

Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap protects fragile and delicate items from scratches or rips.


  • High-security cylinder locks protect your unit from break-ins.
  • Cheaper locks are more prone to rusting and are easier to cut.


  • Mattress bags (King, Queen, Double, Single)
  • Furniture covers to protect from dirt and moisture

Other Handy Things

  • Clear packing tape
  • Clean wrapping paper to avoid getting newsprint all over you
  • Magnetic LED work light to hang in the unit
  • Sure-grip gloves to make moving and stacking easier