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"I chose Aladdin because it was close and convenient. I stay there because they ALWAYS take care of me."

- Tom Lutz, Just 4 You

You Need a Storage Business That Cares About Your Business

When it comes to running your business, we know every detail affects the bottom line.

You shouldn't have to spend hours assessing every nickel and dime that gets drafted from your bank account.


In a small business, things can change quickly. Sometimes you need extra space to keep things running smoothly. And sometimes not so much. All of our contracts are month-to-month. And our team is here to help you decide if you need to reorganize or if you should upgrade during a busy season.


You have a lot of stuff. And you want to maximize your space. But you also want to get to your supplies when you need them. We can help you organize your materials in a way that keeps your most used items in the most accessible places in your unit. We also have double-sided access units. And you can get your units anytime, 24/7 with our secure access pad.


We know what it's like to be a small business. You are constantly having to solve problems for your clients and for your business. We treat you like you treat your clients. If you have any issues during your storage stay with us, let our friendly team know. You'll have someone who not only listens but makes a plan to quickly meet your needs.

 Get the freedom to focus on running your business. Have our business storage experts help you get the most out of your storage space. 

Here's How You Can Stop Wasting Money on Storage Space You Don't Need



Spend 20 minutes with one of our storage experts. We'll go through the number of items you have, the type of materials you need to store, and what you need to regularly access. Then we'll talk to you about your storage unit options, pricing, and the pros and cons for each plan.



We put a plan together to make the most out of the smallest space that makes sense for your tools, equipment, signs, inventory, documents, or furniture. We'll suggest some of our low cost shelving and other packing, stacking, and storage supplies. We know which boxes and brands stand the test of time. Our storage experts give you the most cost effective ways to package, protect, and store all of your items in our units.



We care for our clients just like you do for yours. That’s how you know we’re the right storage choice. But you don’t want to think about moving all your items. That’s why we have a complimentary moving service. We can come to your office, your house, or your old storage facility. And we’ll have you moved into your new space within in no time. Call for details: 502-241-7200.

We Save Space for All Kinds of Small Businesses

Documents | Equipment | Inventory | Supplies

Real Estate
Legal & Medical
City Governments
Home Offices

Taking Care of Small Businesses near Louisville Since 1999

"Aladdin is eager for the business and proactive in taking care of me. I look forward to staying with Aladdin for as long as they'll have me."

- David Swillinger, Turf Tailors

We've got all the extras that make small business storage a breeze.

Package Acceptance

Have your inventory shipped directly to us. We can sign and keep your items waiting for you.

Dump Your Stuff

We have dumpsters on the property for you to trash those leftover materials.

Truck Rentals

We've partnered with U-Haul. If you need to move materials to a work-site quickly, you can rent a truck direct from us.

On-site Parking

If you have equipment or trucks you need to park. We've got the space for you!

Storage Supplies

Buy all the storage, moving, and packing materials you need right here, in one place.

Complimentary Carts

You don't have to do all the heavy-lifting. Use our complimentary carts.

Go to Work For Your Clients While We Go To Work for You

Your Small Business Storage Experts

Helen Helton, Owner

As owner and a homeowner who downsized, I was my own best customer with 6 temperature controlled units. Using self storage units gave me time to sort through everything, appeal to my children to come back for a visit to claim their important items and to keep what was meaningful to me and pass on the rest to those who could benefit! I kept one unit to store documents and other important items.

Stephanie Kalbaugh, Manager

As manager of Aladdin for over 6 years, I have helped over 700 customers get the right type and size unit. I have also assisted in organizing units with customers. I understand the needs of our customers and work with them to organize the perfect unit. I also have a unit at Aladdin so I am a customer as well!

Christy Chrittenden

Two years of helping customers and keeping the storage units sparkling clean give me great satisfaction. I see the relief and peace of mind on our customers’ faces when they can finally store their items in a safe, clean, convenient place and get on with their lives.

Jay Willetts

I have enjoyed over three and a half years of showing customers storage units, getting to know them and their particular storage needs, and helping to find the storage unit that works best for them. I count on spending time to make each customer welcome and to let them know we are here to help. I, too, am a customer of Aladdin’s since I have a storage unit.

The Aladdin Self Storage Commitment


You can know your items are secure with 24-hour video surveillance, frequent police patrols, sensor lighting, and highsecurity locks.

24/7 Access

Access your storage when you need it. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Even after hours with our electronic security gate and personal PIN access codes.


You don't have a to have a long-term contract to store with Aladdin Self Storage. But we do have long-term discounts available if you do.

Temp Controlled

We have temperature controlled units available for your important business assets. And we do daily temperature checks to keep your items stable.

You're More Than Just a Customer to Us

You're a Small Business Rockstar. And We're Your Storage Business Superfans.

Solving storage problems, every day of the week.

Professional | Friendly | Proactive

We'll Get You the Most out of Every Square Foot